Welcome to Skovgaards Raaling

With its thatched roof and timbered walls Raalingen is a little gem. First mentioned in 1552 it is one of the oldest privately owend houses in Denmark. Raaling means in old Vensyssel dialect "little house".

Today Raalingen is run by the Molge family with serving both in and outside. Raalingen offers a line of unique gastronomic experiences. In the sommer the speciality of the house, Raalings-Brasserade, is served on the attractive terraces, where the grill is placed at the centre of the table, so the guests can grill the meat of their choise - this can ex. be vild boar, antelope, veal or vension.​​

Syrenvej 2, Hou, 9370 Hals